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Virginians can seem pretty sure people to a point where it seems like the whole year is thriving for them. However, it is not so. Especially in the emotional aspect, which, when it seems that it is evolving, usually returns to square one just like that. Taking this trait into consideration, know now the myth related to Virginians.

The myth of Demeter and his daughter

Daughter of Cronos and Réia, Demeter is the Greek goddess of harvest, seasons and fertility. She once fathered a daughter with Zeus named Persephone. And one day, this child was playing on the florets along with the nymphs and their aunts. Hades, her uncle and guardian of the underworld, decided to kidnap her, and took her into the underground world.

As a result of the kidnapping, the whole land dried up and Demeter became desperate. It was then that she decided to turn to Zeus, who went to the underworld to try a deal with Hades. What he achieved was not much: Persephone could stand by his mother's side for six months, but the other six were to be lived with her husband in the underground world. According to the myth, this would be the cause of half the year having the fertile land and the other half dry and sterile.

This myth reflects the two extremes that the Virgo lives: although he knows how to be quite sensual, he divides with his somewhat prudish side. He knows how to hold the fields of his life and keep everything in order (and his organized side is already quite characteristic), however, it is common to get lost in the way due to lack of attention to the more social and emotional details with which he ends up dealing.

Life has its ups and downs for everyone. It is not always prosperous, but the most important thing is to be persistent and chase to reap more and more fruits, even if there is a dry season. The hidden secret in this myth for Virginians is to understand that everything has a right phase to happen. And even harvest!

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