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Currently ruled by Pluto and Mars. Sign associated with descent into the underworld and rebirth, due to Plutonian rule. Mars, the former ruler (and still is in classical astrology), gives Scorpio natives a bellicose and aggressive nature. This shows that both planets need to be considered in understanding the sign.

The animal associated with it, the scorpion, shows that the natives of this sign have a temperament, and a tongue, with the proverbial sting.

In the Olympic rulership, Scorpio was ruled by Ares (the Greek Mars), lord of war and death. Ares' impulsive and deadly traits show the natives' aggressive and death-linked qualities.

In Babylon, Scorpio was ruled by the god Nergal, lord of war and pestilence, who broke open the gates of hell, dethroned the goddess who reigned there and declared himself lord of the dead. This symbol unites the aspects of the two current rulers.

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