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Sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. His symbol is two fish.

In the Olympic regency it was ruled by Poseidon (the Greek Neptune), god of the ocean and who had an angry and vengeful character.

We tend to forget about this aspect and associate Pisces only with dreams and fantasies. However, there is a profound aspect that comes from the sea - its fury, its mystery. According to Carl Jung, the ocean represents the collective unconscious, and you can't play with it!

For this reason, Pisceans have contact with these primordial forces - that's why artists and mystics are associated with Pisces - which can disorient them. And make no mistake, they are more vengeful than a Scorpio.

Poseidon was able to throw nets at his victims, rendering them temporarily blind. Therefore, Pisces have a weak sense of direction in the objective world. He swings between the two worlds.

Pisces is also associated with the myths of the Great Mother's loving son, who embodies the power of growth, death and resurrection. This harvest god has had many names like Dionysus and Christ.

Virgo is the sign of the Great Mother, and its opposite Pisces is the polarity opposite the Divine Son.Virgem é o signo da Grande Mãe, e seu oposto Peixes é a polaridade oposta ao Filho Divino.

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