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Leo, like Cancer, also has a complex history.

The Egyptians worshiped a goddess called Sekhmet, who had a lion's head and represented the Sun. This is the Sphinx, which many believe to be a fusion of the lion with a Goddess.

The Sun then rules the sign of Leo, representing life force and power. The Sun in Mythology is associated with Apollo and the god Helios.

In the scheme of the twelve Olympians, Leo was ruled by Zeus.

The sign is the symbol of royalty and the king of the gods represents an archetype of concentrated consciousness. That is, it represents the conscience that governs the instinct.

But it is interesting to note that the Lion is associated with the goddess and the king of the gods. Ishtar, the great Babylonian goddess, had a lion as one of her symbolic animals.

In fact, Leo is associated with kings and queens. Regardless of the sex of the god, these are all real deities. This means that controlling the beast within, defeating an enemy, or defending the spawn is tied to this sign.

Leos are jovial, energetic and appear like natural royalty. They can also be tyrants and cruel like Zeus himself at different times.

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