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Libra is symbolized by a scale, being the only sign represented by an instrument and not by a human or animal figure.

For this reason, in the Olympic scheme, Libra was ruled by Hephaestus (the blacksmith and craftsman of the gods).

The Olympic rulerships were arranged in pairs of female and male opposites. Hephaestus pairs opposite Athena (ruling Aries). Athena was born from the head of Zeus, without female intervention, and Hephaestus was born from Hera, without male intervention. He was also married to Aphrodite (Venus), current ruler of Libra.

Hephaestus, even though he was ugly, produced beautiful things. Beauty and art are associated with the sign.

In Libra/Libra, we become aware of the need for a companion. Hephaestus made beautiful jewelry for his wife Aphrodite. It is in marriage and association with the other that the Librian gift blossoms.

In Venus, its current ruler, we have Libra/Libra love, which involves recognizing the needs of the other.

Even so, some astrologers question the current rulership of Venus, suggesting asteroids such as Juno (Hera) as ruler of this sign, as she was the goddess of Greek marriage. And Libra is much more about marriage than it is really about love. Despite Libra's romanticism, this is an air sign, mental, cold and dry.

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