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Sign currently ruled by Saturn (Greek Cronos). It is symbolized by a goat with a fish tail, which symbolizes the waters under the earth, that is, the underground waters.

In Greek Mythology, Capricorn was associated with the goat Amalthea, sister of the god Pan, who nursed Zeus when his mother Rhea hid him on the island of Crete. As a reward, Amalthea was placed in the heavens as the constellation Capricorn.

The lascivious Pan is somewhat strange in the face of the austere image we have of Capricorn, which he inherits from Saturn. However, Saturn for the Romans was extremely sexual. And at the time of Saturnalia, sexual and social customs were left aside. So, behind a cold and reserved persona, Capricorn can be wildly sexual.

Among the Olympians, Capricorn was ruled by Hestia, an ascetic, reflective goddess associated with winter.

Some scholars assume that vestal virgins were originally prostitutes and that they took a vow of chastity when dedicated to the Goddess. Yet another aspect of the sign's impending sexuality.

Hestia was the guardian of the hearth fire, which could not be extinguished. A metaphor for the "inner fire," libido, or kundalini, or life force.

From Hestia and Saturn, then, Capricorns inherit the controlled and impeccable type. From Pan and Amalthea, freedom, sexual abandonment, passion and wild desire.

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