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Aries represents new life, beginnings and rebirths. It is the first zodiacal sign and the astrological new year.

It is ruled by the planet Mars, the Roman god of war. This god is associated with the Greek Ares,

an impulsive, bloody god and little regarded by other gods.

These two gods show the warrior character of Aries, as well as his impulsiveness and aggression. Aries/Aryans are known for their leadership, as they start things “in their head”, that is, they dive in first and then see if there is water.

However, in the Olympic era, Athena ruled the sign of Aries.

Athena was the goddess of weaving and warrior par excellence. Furthermore, she was born from the head of her father Zeus. We know well that Aries rules the head.

The head demonstrates the very mental and intellectual side of Aries, and Athena was also considered the goddess of wisdom. The Aries intellect is resolute, vivacious and quick. If he balances his impulsiveness, he manages to arrive at uncommon wisdom, as shown by the goddess Athena, his former ruler.

Another aspect of Athena that shows a lot about the Aries/Aries is that she was born out of her father's head and didn't know her mother. Both men and women of this sign have difficulty honoring the feminine. Everything about the feminine is seen as weak and vulnerable. They respect the world of father, men and competition.

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