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Mythology and astrology have more in common than you might think. The myths of Greek history perfectly match the strongest characteristics of each of the twelve signs of our zodiac.

The myth of the Sagittarius sign is Chiron, a centaur (figure half man and half horse) who lived in the middle of the forest with his tribe, being for them a kind of king. He was known to be very intelligent, having great knowledge about human behavior and also about nature. As a weakness he had a wild and unreasonable streak. He was the wisest in the forest when it came to creating natural remedies and healing potions for any kind of wound or injured person they encountered.

However, one day any Chiron was wounded by a poisoned arrow, but instead of dying, because of his wisdom, he received the gift of immortality from the Greek gods. He didn't die but lived wounded for eternity, needing to learn to deal with this pain. In this way, he represents one who is wise, has knowledge, but even so, needs to live with pain. Despite knowing how to heal others, he is not able to do the same for himself, and yet he had to learn to stay positive and energetic.

Like the Chiron myth, Sagittarius are also those who have great responses to the pain of others but are unable to apply them to their own lives. The great difficulty of a Sagittarius will always be taking the reins of their own life and, therefore, many live in denial. Good humor and constant jokes can even be a sign that they need to hide something deeper and don't want to get into their soul because they don't know how to deal with it. Sagittarius are curious, shrewd, extremely intuitive and seek out novelty throughout their lives. A day without some new stimulation for a Sagittarius can become a deep bore.

Adventurers, with a keen interest in esoteric and mythological subjects, Sagittarians live in search of new stimuli. Therefore, they are not the most suitable people to have complete confidence in stability. If you like a Sagittarius, you need to let him go. Don't be surprised if even with a lot of bad things the Sagittarius remains optimistic and positive about the future, as this is their most primitive nature.

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