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Johnny Depp's Astral Map

An Illustrious Gemini

Johnny Christopher Depp II is a unique person. Descendant of Indians, Irish and Germans, he was born on June 9, 1963, in Owensboro, a small town in Kentucky, in the United States. He is from Gemini, rising in Leo. So it's no surprise that he has multiple talents, as you can read in the prediction for this sign:

“...may present many intellectual and/or manual skills, and thus, write well, quickly learn to play a musical instrument, draw or something like that.”

Johnny Depp's Astral Map

John Christopher Depp II is the son of John Christopher Depp, an engineer, by Betty Sue Palmer. With only 13 years old, he moved with his family to Florida, after the separation of his parents, which would affect his life from then on.

A year earlier his parents had given him his first guitar. From his teens Johnny Depp decided that he wanted to be a guitarist instead of spending his days at school.

At 16 he formed the first group, The Flames, which later changed to The Kids and finally to Six Gun Method, even opening shows for Iggy Pop, Duran Duran and The B-52's.

His parents separated when he was a teenager, a possibility indicated by his Moon in Capricorn, in a tense aspect with Jupiter, which marked him a lot and led him to tattoo his mother's name on his arm.

Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles in 1983, he met Lori Anne Allison, whom he married.

He is also a director and entrepreneur. He has already invested part of the millions of dollars he earns every year in a Tibetan restaurant in Paris, in partnership with Sean Penn and John Malkovich, and in clubs in Estonia and Los Angeles. It was at the door of the last one, called the Viper Room, that his friend and actor River Phoenix died of an overdose in 2003, which cost Johnny Depp a charge of selling drugs.

It was Lori who introduced him to Nicolas Cage, who in turn got him a casting call for his first film, A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Cage would become a great friend of the young rookie actor. Depp's friends list also includes Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Cash, Marilyn Manson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tim Burton, Helena Bonham Carter, Marlon Brando, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, Al Pacino and Sean Penn. Johnny has always been in the spotlight and was considered one of the biggest symbols of the 90s.

He has been named the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine twice, once in 2003 and once in 2009, and his love life has always been quite busy.

In 1983, then 20 years old, he married actress Lori Ann Allison, whose name appears crossed out on the helmet of the actor's character in Platoon, which Depp made in 1986, the year he separated.

Then came the romances with actresses Sherilyn Fenn, with whom he dated for about three years and got engaged, and Jennifer Grey, with whom he dated for a year.

Then he had a relationship with actress Winona Ryder, with whom he lived together for a few years. The couple got engaged after only a year of dating, but the engagement ended in 1993. Winona Ryder, to whom he swore eternal love by tattooing "Winona forever" on his arm. After the novel ended, he removed part of the inscription, leaving only "Wino forever!", something like "Drunk forever". Well Gemini thing.

Your beauty, natural charm and seductive image are clearly indicated by Venus in Taurus conjunct Mercury in the 10th house, which also points out your multiple talents.

Then came the English top model Kate Moss, whom he met in New York in January 1994 and with whom he dated for four and a half years.

He then met French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis at a hotel in Paris while filming The Last Gate. Three months later she became pregnant with their first child, Lily-Rose Melody Depp, born May 27, 1999, who is also mother to John "Jack" Christopher Depp III born April 9, 2002.

He saw her at a bar and asked a friend to invite her to join them.

Despite not being married on paper, Depp and Paradis considered each other husband and wife since the day they started living together, but they separated in June 2012.

In 2009, in the pre-production period of his film The Rum Diary, Depp met Texan actress and model Amber Heard (his co-star in the film) whom he married on February 3, 2015 after a few years of relationship and a engagement year.

On May 21, 2016, they announced their divorce after Amber accused Johnny of assault. Heard released videos and photos, but officers who attended the scene claimed she wasn't hurt by the time they arrived, with Amber claiming it was just an argument.

In court, a court settlement between the couple was made and the actress dropped the charges and the request for 44 thousand dollars in alimony, while Depp paid an amount of 8 million dollars to his ex-wife in the divorce proceedings.

In 1995, he was included in the Empire's list of the 100 sexiest actors in the history of cinema, in 2003 and 2009, he was elected by People magazine the sexiest man alive in the world, in addition to having won several awards as an actor. The fact is that he was called a “loving machine” and it is curious that he played Don Juan de Marco, a film in which he plays a young man who claims to be Don Juan and narrates his countless conquests to his analyst, played by none other than than Marlon Brando, with whom Johnny became great friends.

As an actor, Johnny Depp specializes in playing eccentric characters in films such as: Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, The Legend of the Headless Horseman. The Chocolate Factory, Risk Profession, etc. The role that most marked his career was the strange Captain Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean, a character that would have been inspired by Keith Richard, guitarist for the Rolling Stones. He also had a long and fruitful partnership with the brilliant and wacky director Tim Burton, with whom he is a friend and compadre. Yeah, Johnny is different. Just read the text for Uranus on the ascendant, as he is.

“You're independent, original and maybe a little eccentric. He is a lover of freedom, and is always looking for new and unusual ways to express his ideas.”

In 1999, he moved to a village in France with his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, also an actress and singer. The names of the couple's children, Lily and Jack, were taken from the names of characters in the movie The Legend. Depp has the boy's name tattooed on his arm and wears a bracelet made by his daughter. He also has a house in Los Angeles, which belonged to horror movie legend Bela Lugosi, as well as others in New York and the Bahamas, where he has an island whose beaches are named after family and friends.

Johnny Depp is one of the most famous actors in the history of cinema and has a unique charisma, which he uses professionally with mastery, a tendency pointed out by the same conjunction of Mars, Pluto and Uranus in harmonious aspect with the Midheaven.

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