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The sign of Aquarius is currently ruled by Saturn and Uranus. And its symbol is the water-bearer, who pours water from heaven.

For the Egyptians, Aquarius represents the vital spiritual power that renews and fertilizes all things.

In Greek Mythology, it was associated with the myth of Ganymede, a handsome Trojan boy who attracted the attention of Zeus.

The boy became cupbearer for the gods and poured ambrosia for them. Showing that Aquarius is linked to the concept of divine substance that nourishes life.

This association of the sign with the water of life has unfortunately changed over time and today Aquarius is attributed to electricity, which suits our scientific world. Today's advanced technological aspects are intoxicating.

Aquarius is another sign that changed its rulership: from Saturn to Uranus, but in the Olympic rulership it was ruled by Hera, the great Olympic goddess.

Hera was the goddess of marriage – something strange, since Aquarius is seen as a nonconformist and values ​​for freedom. However, few know that Hera was the goddess of the Milky Way. She was the great Mother, before the rule of Zeus. In fact, she was a nonconformist, as she lost her power and was placed as a shadow of her husband, who did not respect her. The association with Hera, then, shows that humanity cannot be free as long as male and female are united as equals, both in marriage and in worldly affairs.

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